Welcome to Kittycattitude Sphynx. We are a small cattery in the Dallas, Texas area, specializing in the Sphynx breed. Sphynx are a very social breed of cat. Their unusual appearance is beautiful and intriguing. Their wrinkled, naked seemingly hairless bodies captures everyone's attention.

The Sphynx is not always totally hairless; there can be a fine down on the body, which makes the cat feel like a warm peach. Some light hair is often present on the nose, tail and toes. The texture of the Sphynx skin has been likened to suede. They can be registered in a wide variety of cat colors. The color is seen in the pigment of the skin and the few hairs that they do have. 

The Sphynx are extremely inquisitive and love to be the center of attention.  They prefer human attention but enjoy the company of dogs and other cats. They have an abundance of energy and mischief and are always with you, on you or showing off for you

Texas Sphynx Kittens and Cats

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We are a Texas Sphynx breeder working on producing superior Sphynx kittens and Sphynx cats, As a Texas Sphynx breeder we strive to keep our beautiful hairless cats as healthy as possible. We have sphynx cats and kittens for sale. Our sphynx cat and kitten prices vary so please contact Kitty Cattitude Sphynx for prices for sphynx Kittens andsphynx cats,These naked cats are the most amazing pets you have ever held. There are many cat breeders out there be sure to find out if they are selling registered Cats and registered kittens. To our knowledge are the the only Dallas Texas Sphynx breeder selling TICA registered , sphynx and Texas sphynx kittens. sphynx breeder should tell you all about the care of Sphynx and bambino kittens, These beautiful hairless cats and hairless kittens that are the sphynx breed come in blue eye sphynx, the hard to find odd eye sphynxcat. Our sphynx cattery and website has, sphynx photos and, sphynx jpg, Our sphynx studs are beautiful bald babies and we love them very much. Sometimes the name is misspelled as sphinx cats, spinx, sphinx, spinx cattery, sphinx, spynx, spynx, spinx, hairless cats, hairless cat breeder, hairless cat breeders, naked cat, bare cat. Enjoy your stay.